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About Bay Area Psychic

Located in San Mateo its just a short drive from the heart of San Fransisco

Though I am new to the san mateo location i have found a deep connection within the beautiful surroundings as well as the people. 

Discovering my gifts didn't develop in san mateo, i have been working with my gifts as well as others for over fifteen years.

My Story

My gifts started developing at a very young age, my mother and grandmother as well as my great grandmother shared different gifts and abilities, my mother and grandmother were able to tell that as i was growing physically so were my gifts. One night my grandmother had woken me up by tapping my ankle, she reached over and kissed me on my forehead and told me she loved me, she also told me to tell my mom that it was time for her to move onto the next level of life and that it was time to start my training, me being nine years old at the time I had no idea what she was talking about but told her i loved her too, the very next morning i woke up to hearing my mother sobbing in the next room over, i ran to her and asked what happened, she told me my grandmother passed that night, i asked her how could that be and proceeded to tell her what grandma told me, my mother knew then it was time to start my training, i traded barbie dolls with tarot cards and dove in deeper to my gifts to not only discover my own path but to help guide others on their own !

Meet Lilliana

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